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Monday, 13 January 2014

Reading aloud

I have always loved reading. Mum tells me that I learned to read before I went to school with the help of the Dr Seuss books and I have never stopped reading since. However, I do admit that during term time I read very little due to time constraints and absolute exhaustion! 

I teach and encourage reading in school in a variety of ways. One to one reading, guided reading, reading eggs, home reading and reading journals, independent reading with reading buddies (cuddly toys which the children love!) and me reading aloud. 

Our current topic is Katie Morag and as a result we are reading almost daily during Literacy. In addition I am also reading The Angel of Nitshill Road. 

My class love me reading to them! It is the one time during the day when they are guaranteed to be quiet! I am not one for putting on different voices for different characters but I do read with expression really well. In fact I won a competition for reading aloud when I was in primary school! 

We read, we chat, we question but most of all we share the joy of reading and being read to. 

I don't always get to read every day due to the tight curriculum we teach which frustrates me but I do try to read to the children as often as possible. 

So if you do read aloud regularly I salute you! If not, why not give it ago? I truly believe encouraging and fostering a joy for reading is a gift. A gift that all children should receive. Why not be the one to give it to them?