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Monday, 20 January 2014

Katie Morag Display Part 1

As you enter my classroom a sign on the door reads:
Sorry about the Laughter, 
but we are learning in here

Well today all of those things were true. You have only got to look at the photographs of the state of my room at lunch time to see the evidence of that. Imagine it then with 34 children in too and you can picture exactly what it was like. 

I had decided in my wisdom today to have a full day of art and guess what? I survived, well just about.  I am glad to say I met my own target which was to get all of the art work for two displays done in one day, which I managed. I could have gone with the original plan which was to do some art each day for 5 days along with the accompanying writing and hopefully two displays by the end of the week. However, I knew from previous experience that besides the caretaker not liking me for a week, it would be more hassle getting everything out and set up each day doing it group by group than biting the bullet and going for it.

The children had a ball! There was lots of talking, working together, helping each other and of course the odd moan but on the whole I would say it was a memorable day for me and them.

I am glad to say I am long past the stage of making apologies for having a day 'off timetable'. Sometimes it is just necessary and perhaps more importantly fun. A break for the children from the routine, the normal Monday. Keeps me and them on their toes, they don't know what am going to do next and guess what neither do I!

 Tomorrow we will be doing a character Venn diagram and character descriptions for the display. So watch this space for part 2! In the meantime check out some of the fruits of their labour below. Not bad eh?