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Friday, 10 January 2014

Headteacher awards

In our school we have weekly reward assembly's called head teacher awards. KS1 have theirs on a Friday morning after register and KS2 after Friday morning break.

I have always enjoyed these assemblies as it is an opportunity to see what other classes have been doing all week and to see children being rewarded for good work, working together, doing great homework etc. 

Having attended both KS1 and KS2 assemblies I have to say KS1 headteacher awards have to be my particular favourite. 

When the children in KS1 get their minute in the spotlight you can see them physically grow in height! They stand their proudly sharing what they have been doing with the rest of children. The other children all listen carefully without fuss to what the headteacher and the pupil is saying and are really pleased for their friends. 

Whereas in KS2 they still enjoy it but you can see the disinterest, cynicism and quite sadly embarrassment beginning to creep in. They are also generally a lot more fidgety and restless. 

The other thing awarded during these award assembly's is 'Star of the Week'. Awarded to one pupil from each class, each week. This differs from head teacher awards as instead of being for a specific piece of work it is for general good work, effort, improved attitude, behaviour, being kind etc. The child receiving this award gets a badge to wear and a trophy to keep on their desk for a week. They also have their photograph placed on a large display in the main entrance hall for all to see. Again for a week. 

Today during KS1 assembly I witnessed a really heart warming moment. Two boys from F2 were receiving head teacher awards for their counting in class. Whilst the headteacher was talking to the rest of the assembly about one of the boys, the other boy very quietly patted his friend on the back. He was genuinely pleased for his friend! It really was one of those real 'aaah' moments and reminded me of 'Dean Schneider's' 20th kid. 

I also sat their and thought how good our school is at awarding and recognising ALL of the children. We are a very inclusive school and ensure we recognise the achievements of everyone not just a 'chosen few' as I know some schools sadly still do. This is often in sure due to this drive for 'excellence'. However excellence doesn't come to everyone in their primary years. Some of the greatest minds, sportsmen and entrepreneurs that we have had did not 'excel' at primary school. Perhaps this was due to being late bloomers, having learning difficulties such as dyslexia etc or maybe their brand of excellence came across as eccentric, odd even. Also some people will never achieve educational excellence, yet will work their socks off, be kind and helpful, good team workers etc and we must not forget to reward these children too.