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Friday, 3 January 2014

Day 3 - musings, musings, musings

Today has been one of relaxation and lots of reflection. I always thought I wasn't good at reflecting but after reflecting on it ha ha I think I actually am. Or as scousers would say Im good at contemplating my navel!

My reflecting began with me deciding whether to get my laptop out or not, thankfully that decision was taken away from me because I'd forgotten I had been using my laptop charger as the broadband lead. I'm sorry if I'm losing you but stay with me and I hope it will all become clear. Anyway, just before Chrismas Eve my Sky on demand and broadband were not working, tragedy!  On further investigation it was revealed that it was in fact the router broadband lead which had failed and after much routing the only one that would fit was my laptop charger. I had totally forgotten about this which meant I now couldn't get my laptop out after all. What a shame, not!!

So all that was left to be done was pampering: nails, hair etc.... Thoroughly enjoyable. My husband, a driving instructor was out at work so I had the house and tv remote to myself! Now although I was pampering and not working I was still doing lots of musing, reflecting, pondering etc

What was the point of blogging? Well I'm not sure I concluded, but I did think of a few reasons:

  • To continue reflecting on teaching, learning and life
  • To document my day to help me become a better teacher, person
  • To improve my writing skills - who knows where it will lead?
Now I have to say the hardest thing at the moment is narrowing it all down, deciding what to blog. My head is swimming with it all. So at first I think this will be a bit of a ramble but what I hope is that it will over the 365 days improve. It's all a bit if an adventure really. 

Anyway back to today. My husband and I decided we would go for a walk followed by a pint. This initially took us through a rather rough, deprived area. You could feel the tension in the air, the deprivation. All very depressing. I mean as an educator and as a socialist I worry where it will all end. Young people with no future, university too expensive, not enough apprentiships, no jobs and definitely little hope of owning a home. All very worrying. As we got to our destination we walked along the river Mersey, the Wirral side, we met some inspirational people. The people who, about two  years ago decided to build a pirate ship on the beach from reclaimed, washed up material. Children and their families come from miles to play on this ship. In fact I took my whole class to visit it last summer. 

Now since building it, it has been burnt down by a couple of local teenagers, then rebuilt, washed away by high tide, then rebuilt and then today dismantled to prevent it being washed away again. But here they were working to save it and vowing to build it again. It really made me feel more hopeful for the world. They don't do it for any money, praise, thanks. They do it because they enjoy building, creating and knowing that others get pleasure from it too. There are lots of good people out there, lots of people struggling too though so maybe the answer is to combine the two. Come together, help each other, use the skills we have. 

Oh I definitely think it's time to stop I'm becoming all ideological.