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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Katie Morag part 3

Today we finally finished the work for our Katie Morag display! We began with the art work, the children were placed into groups and made either a house or character from the story using collage materials.

Next we moved onto the writing. The preparation for this was two fold:

Step one  the characters from the story: we looked at a selection of character descriptions, we discussed the meaning of the word 'character' and together came up with a list of elements we would put into our descriptions of the Katie Morag characters.

Step two: the directions for getting to each of the buildings. In our maths lesson we have been learning about the language of direction, left, right, turn, angle degrees, North, South, East and West. We used what we had learned to give directions to each of the buildings on the Isle of Struay. 

The work was drafted, marked and finally written up in neat for the display. All 34 children have a piece of written work on the display. 

After the writing the children each coloured in a Map of the island and used a key to identify the main parts of the island. 

The results were amazing and the children are so delighted with the end results.