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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Unofficial first day back at school

Unofficial First Day Back At School

Yesterday I decided to 'pop into school' or that's what I told my husband we were doing. You see two weeks before the end of term I was told I could order all new furniture for my room! Great! So I promptly ordered 6 round tables, 36 new 'unswingbackable'' chairs, (or so I hope), a new computer cabinet and a lockable teacher cupboard. 

All of this furniture I was told would be delivered in the second or third week of the holidays. I have been popping in and out of school throughout the summer, just to check if they had arrived. Tragic I know but come on 'New furniture!' When did you last get new furniture in your classroom?

Now each time I had called in I, along with said long suffering, had re backed boards, set up a gorgeous new reading corner, re organised cupboards etc etc etc. All with the intention of being 'good to go' on the first day back with my brand new year 2 class (all 34 of them). 34? I hear you cry, now that's another story. Anyway I digress, Hubby and I arrived in school to be greeted by ............. Yep you guessed it .......... a computer cupboard ...... a brand new lockable teacher cupboard ..............  36 'unswingbackable' chairs and ......... my old tables!!!!!

My face must have been a picture! Apparently the new tables will not be delivered now until Wednesday, which is the day after my lovely new pupils arrive. I was not impressed at all.  I felt like the naughty child waking up on Christmas morning to coal in my Christmas Stocking.

 But in true teacher, I can handle anything, fashion we got to work putting the cupboards in place, filling the new lockable cupboard with all manner of teacher essentials, putting all of the wires in place requires to keep the laptop charged, linked to the sound system and whiteboard and projector.

As we had worked so hard we decided we had earned a visit to the local hostelry. Well it would be rude not to wouldn't it?

Friday, 30 August 2013

Once a teacher always a teacher!

Yesterday I went shopping for my husbands birthday present. Now it is quite a treat to be let loose shopping on my own. Don't get me wrong I  love shopping with my husband because he too actually likes shopping, however when I get to go alone I can quite freely become a 'teacher shopper.'

Now those other teachers out there will know exactly what I mean. You see, as a teacher, everything around us, be it in the woods, at the beach, in the cinema, at the theatre, on a boat trip or yes even out shopping has us thinking 'Ooh now what could I use that for in class' or 'I know that's going to come in useful for my next topic.'

So there I was, all alone like a 'teaching ninja' stalking my way around the 99p store in search of those elusive things I just know I need in my class and no husband looking at me with those 'Come on are you sure you need that?' eyes. It was bliss! So what did I buy?, What things could my class not do without?

My 'teacher' purchases included:

A set of 6 mini plastic containers with lids - great for stopping the dice rollling around on the floor
(A Pinterest tip)

A book of 'Well done, Good job etc' stickers - You can never have too many of those now can you?

A microfibre cloth and some washing up liquid - For all manner of things from cleaning up after messy play (so keeping the caretaker on side) to tracing spellings in the washing up liquid on a tray for handwriting and spelling (Yet another Pinterest tip)

One of those hanging twister things that you hang up in a tree - for our 'down in the woods' topic. It will look great in the gorgeous tree outside myclassroom window

Several packs of playing cards - Great for a whole spectrum of  maths games

Thats all for yesterdays trip I think. Ha nearly forgot, the presents for my long suffering 'spouse of a teacher' husband. Which I hasten to add where not purchased in the 99p store honest!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

KS1 Here I come

The new teaching year sees me taking on a brand new challenge. I have been teaching for 15 years, I have taught years 3,4,5 and 6, all of KS2. But in the new academic year I will become a KS1 or infant teacher for the first time, I'm taking it easy though and will be cutting my teeth on Year2. I don't think I'm quite ready for the challenges of FS2 or even year 1 just yet but never say never.

Exciting times! I relish a new challenge but that said it will definitely provide me with a huge learning curve I'm sure. I have been into school this summer holidays more than I ever have, setting up my class taking on a whole new meaning.

Pinterest has, as always, provided me with some amazing ideas, ranging from line up chants to inspiration for a reading corner and I am probably more organised this year than I have ever been. Organised yes, ready no!!!!

It was the move into KS1 that finally prompted me to set up a blog as I am sure the road ahead will be fun, challenging, rocky at times but as a true pragmatic I say BRING IT ON!!!!!

A bit about me

So a bit about me.... I have been teaching for 15 years. Teaching was by no means my first job. I have worked in a travel agents, worked for Barclaycard, made pizzas in Asda, worked in Early Learning Centre and was a Preschool assistant.

Besides teaching, my most important job is that of being a wife, mother and now a Grandmother. I  have two daughters, one grandson and a husband (30 years). I love my life both in and out of work. I feel blessed. However, the challenges of day to day teaching, being a wife, Mum and Grandma aren't always easy.

I hope my day to day musings will help me reflect more and provide anyone who is mad enough to read it with a laugh and maybe even some tips!!

Getting started at last

Setting up a blog for the first time so here we go! So what am I doing it for? Several reasons really:

1. To share my day to day experiences in the classroom

2. To reflect upon my teaching (something I need to do so much more of)

3. To keep in touch, up to date with current and future educational practices

The name I really wanted for my blog was the pragmatic teacher, why you may ask? Well because I feel that word best suits my approach to teaching. I am always willing to try whatever is new in education. I am very much a doer rather than a thinker. I jump in, give it a go, try it out etc. Obviously this can be often chaotic but I truly believe that it can also be great fun for my pupils.

So bear with me while I get to grips with this blogging thing and I hope you will laugh with me and even at me on my next new venture.