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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Building relationships

My husband is a driving instructor. He is relatively new to the business and became an instructor after over 20 years as a financial advisor. The decision to change direction was not an easy one as he is now self employed and trying to build a business but so far so good.

Yesterday during a walk we began chatting about teaching. What was interesting was how he naturally builds relationships with his pupils in order to put them that at ease. As a long standing salesman this comes easy to him. In fact I would say he is the king of 'common ground' you know one of those people who can find something in common with anybody. He is also really good at remembering people's names.

It really struck a cord with me that no matter what age our pupils they are a huge majority of them learn better when they trust the teacher. When the teacher puts them at ease they feel comfortable and relaxed and I think therefore more receptive to learning. Fortunately this is not an essay and therefore I do not have to provide evidence to back it up. It is merely my observation of my own and now husbands teaching.

What do you think?