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Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Road to Outstanding Parts 1-4


It would be fair to say that I am not a fan of Ofsted. I don't think many people in education are, from education authorities to SLTs you would be hard pushed to find advocates of Ofsted. It would be fair to say though it is those on the chalk face who dislike and distrust them the most.

So why did I produce a series blogpost supporting that very body? The answer to this is two fold, firstly I was fortunate to attend an excellent conference at the Early Excellence Cebtre in Huddersfied from where lots of the information comes. And secondly and sadly Ofsted are here to stay it seems so whilst they are to remain all of those in education have to play the Ofsted game and dance the Ofsted jig. 

In addition I am passionate about teaching! It is and has been my vocation for nearly 17 years and lots of the suggestions in my blogpost may help teachers to improve their performance or at the very least reflect upon it. 

So if Ofsted are looming or you and your fellow members of staff need a reminder about what is required under the new Ofsted framework then hopefully these posts will help.

Good luck and keep the faith!

Part 1 Know Your Cohort -

Part 2  The Learning Environment -

Part 3  Behaviour for Learning -

Part 4  Teaching and Learning-

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Thursday, 8 January 2015

My top 10 blog posts

I began my blogging journey back in August 2013.The  main idea behind this was that it would allow me time to reflect upon my teaching. Although this was something I already did I hadn't ever written these thoughts, or should I say ramblings down before. 

From very humble and nervous beginnings I found that my reflections on teaching then also led me to the realisation that perhaps I had a bit more to offer. Perhaps I could share some of my ideas with my fellow teachers that may be of use to them in their classrooms. And here I am over 20,400 views later. 

I am not a big one for formal New Year resolutions but I have, thanks to this blog, got in the habit of reflecting. So I thought, which of my posts have been my most successful post? Hence the following top 10. Perhaps more importantly though, why are they my top ten out of 120 posts? Maybe you could help me with that one?

My all time Top 10 Blog posts In reverse order:

10. The 3 Rs Respect, Resilience, Responsibility 
Originally posted in October 2013, 191 views - A blog reflecting upon the teaching of social skills in a primary classroom.

9. Do we need a Teaching Revolution?
Posted on 5 Apr 2014, 193 views - This blog came at a point in the year when I really was fed up of the constant pressures placed upon teachers.

8. Teaching Maths the Singapore Way
Posted on 6 Oct 2014, 216 views - A blog based upon a staff inset I delivered in my role as Maths Co-Ordinator at my school.

7. The disintegration of the teacher/parent relationships
Posted on 8 Mar 2014, 248 views - A blog about the importance of good professional relationships with parents.

6. Teaching Without Limits
Originally 14 Apr 2014, 287 views - A reflection about my desire and determination to break free from the constraints of Ofsted.

5. Boxing Clever with year 2
Posted on 3rd February 2014, 288 views - A blog based upon a wonderful tool for helping children with story structure called Boxing Clever by Alan Peat.

4. Sats a necessary evil?
Posted on 11 May 2014, 348 views - A heartfelt reflection on Sats tests.
3. Do you teach like Yoda?
Posted on 10th April 2014, 545 views - A tongue in cheek lighthearted look at teaching styles.

2. Are We Overthinking Teaching?
Posted on 7 Nov 2014, 741 views - My second most popular post comes from a personal plea to keep it simple!

1. A plea to all professional tweeters
Posted on12 Apr 2014, 811 views - My most popular post, so far!! This post was born out of sheer frustration when using my own professional Twitter account, read on for more ......

What will be my top 10 next year? Watch this space .......