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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Head of Teaching and Learning

Reading teaching job bulletins, my Twitter feed, the press, I have noticed a new TLR post has emerged ... Head of Teaching and Learning. 
It's become one of those job titles that you just accept without thinking about. Maybe it's #easterbresk madness that has allowed me the time to reflect but I wonder aren't all teachers Head of Teaching and Learning in their own class rooms, in their own departments, in their own schools? 

So what are the responsibilities of a Head of Teaching and Learning? From some job specifications I have read the following points seem pretty much to cover the main responsibilities:
Leading Teaching and Learning in the School to:

a. ensure a continuous and consistent School-wide focus on pupils’ achievement, using data and benchmarks to monitor progress

b. establish creative, responsive and effective approaches to learning and teaching
c. set high expectations and set stretching targets for the whole school community
d. monitor, evaluate and review school practice and promote improvement strategies
e. tackle under-performance at all levels
Again arent these generally what teachers across the country do anyway? 
I can't help but feel that this 'new role' seems to have emerged out of the new 'meddling in education' culture. 
Teachers, SLTs, Governors and Local Authorities are constantly bring scrutinised. This scrutiny leads to the need for action or at least to be seen to be taking action. Hence the birth of constant new initiatives amongst which is the role of Head of Teaching and Learning.
Let me be clear it is not my intention to offend any teachers either in or applying for this role. On the contrary I am a teacher and will always be on the side of teachers it is the constant meddling, being under the spotlight that I object to!

Let teachers teach and be in charge of their own teaching and learning. #election2015 Stop the meddling!!!