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Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Stick Man

As part of our topic we recently read The Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. It is a typical Donaldson book, it has a rhyming pattern, repeated verses and great illustrations. It links in wonderfully with our Down in the Woods topic as the pupils have been furiously collecting lots of items for our Nature Box (both in and out of school) and amongst the collected items there were lots and lots of sticks.
Now as always with teaching (well the way I teach anyway) one thing led to another, first the sticks, then the book, then the making of  The Stick Man!Well it would have been rude not to now wouldn't it?
Next? I hear you ask. Hopefully a story, telling the further adventures of The Stick Man. We have looked at Story Maps today in preparation and as you can see taken pictures of all of the Stick men to stick into their books (forgive the pun.) The children have also worked in pairs (Think, Pair, Share) discussing their ideas. This will all then be followed by a bit of talking homework and then hopefully a story.

The topic is then going to take a turn away from fiction (Minpins and The Stick Man) and will move towards non fiction looking at animals and trees and plants found in woodland areas.  

A very successful topic so far with lots of cross curricular links, science, maths, literacy and even PSHE (we did conscience alley - discussing whether Little Billy from our Minpins story should have gone into the woods without Mums permission.)

Have I said this already? I'm loving Year 2!