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Thursday, 12 September 2013

The day the Minpins moved in

The Day The Minpins Moved In

As part of our class topic in year 2 we have been reading The Minpins by Roald Dahl.  I have read lots of Dahl books but until stumbling across the Minpins had never heard of it myself, neither have many other people I have discovered.I would highly recommend it as a class reader and a lead into topic work as it has so many great teaching possibilities. So if you get a chance give it a go.

Basically it is about mini people (Minpins) that live inside and on trees. They wear suction boots to prevent them falling from the trees, they move from tree to tree via birds and they live in fear of the Gruncher a creature that eats humans and Minpins.

Today the Minpins moved into the tree right outside our classroom:

The children were so excited, they were even pointing out the knots on the tree and saying 'Look Mrs Kenny, it's a window.' It was truly magical, I mean what could be better than witnessing that sense of awe and wonder, the pure innocence of children.

So next time I am listening to the news, or reading a paper be moaning the teaching profession or Mr Gove telling us to go 'Back to Basics' I will let it all roll over me and remember that moment of magic.
A moment I am sure my class will never forget.