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Monday, 2 September 2013

A Hectic Inset Day

Today was my first 'official' back to school day. I arrived at 8.00 this morning and am still in class now 5.30! I am sure once the children are in tomorrow it will be just the same. Despite the long day I am so pleased with all that we (myself and my great T.A.) have achieved. Our class looks fantastic, check out the pics.

   Door sign (inspiration Pinterest.)       Spot our class fish Spongebob.
Children's faces instead of name.              Map of U.K. (Lots of uses)
           (Again Pinterest)

      Our class reading area
                                                           Smartboard with lots of storage
                                                           underneath for construction toys
                                                               (essential with 22 boys!)
But the best part of the day ..... My tables arrived!