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Monday, 9 September 2013

I'm getting the hang of this now!

What a hectic, exhausting, non stop, fun, entertaining, productive day today has been! You can't tell we've been using 'wow' words today can you?

 One of the things I love about teaching is those days when you have a plan, you know exactly what your doing for the day, you've even got all of the resources ready and then Bam! It all goes out of the window and your day takes you off in a direction that is a success but wasn't what you had planned at all. Well that happened today.

 I had on, Friday set a homework task which was to go on a 'nature scavenger hunt' at the weekend and bring into school what you find. Boy did my adorable class come up with the goods! The children greeted me on the playground with excitement, chattering about where they had been a d what they found, it was a lovely start to a Monday!

We went into class and spent most of the morning sharing what we had found. Items ranging from a toadstool (sensibly packaged in a sealed box), to acorns, pine cones, leaves of all shapes and sizes, berries and an echinacea flower !

We got speaking and listening, maths (sorting and grouping, and counting) science classification and identification, literacy 'wow words' the list of things the children learned goes on. Mind you I don't know if Mr Gove would approve after all we were doing group work and dare I say the words collaborative learning!

The children loved it and learned so much and guess what I learned a lot too. Mainly to relax and enjoy, let the children discover, explore and make sense of the world with a little input here and there and a little steering in the right direction.

So yes I think I'm actually turning into a KS1 teacher or am I just realising that its not the different to  KS2 after all.