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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Day 2 and already behind

Day 2 and already behind!!

I am definitely back in school there is no denying it. How do I know? A restless nights sleep, when I eventually got to sleep that is. I went to bed at the normal school night time feeling exhausted after my first day back with my class, confident I would be asleep as normal, forgetting that of course the normal I was referring to was actually 'holiday normal' not 'school normal.' You see holiday normal means going to bed and after a little bit of reading straight off to sleep and waking the next morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Whereas school normal is difficulty getting to sleep, despite exhaustion, followed by a restless night and waking up feeling far from refreshed.

Oh my goodness how quickly I have fallen back into those bad habits! I tried to remedy my sleeplessness by putting a list of 'things I need to do tomorrow' in the notes section of my phone. This did work in s much as I was then able to go to sleep but unfortunately did not cure the tossing and turning, restless, rest of the night.

I have had a relatively successful day. I sat with a selection of groups throughout the day in line with my 'Immersion Vow,' I took groups outside to do a 'Nature Scavenger Hunt,' which was hugely popular, the children thoroughly enjoyed it. I chatted to lots of children during my two playground duties and we had a short 'show and tell' at the end of the day (very KS1). However, I haven't started phonics yet, given out reading books, read to the class, set up the relevant assessment files and I haven't even looked at the IEPs! Maybe its like this every year and I have forgotten or is it the change from KS2 to KS1 has meant me putting unrealistic pressures upon myself? Thinking and reflecting now and thanks to a chat from the supportive colleague who I did the Key stage swap with, I suspect its the latter. 

So my new vow to myself ......... Lighten up ........... Don't sweat ........ It will all come out in the wash ...... Remember its a marathon not a sprint!

As for that essential list I was writing at 11.30 last night? 
Sort phonics, guided reading and assessment folder and check out the IEPs!!!
Did I do any of them? noooooooooo