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Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Many Roles of a Teacher

Teachers fulfil many varied roles throughout their career, from social worker to policy maker. But it is the amount of jobs we do in a day that is unbelievable. For instance I performed all of these jobs during my day today:

Teacher (or to be completely up to date learning facilitator) - teaching the prepositions 'a' and 'an' amongst other things.

Nurse - to several children with problems ranging from a cut finger to constipation!

Social Worker - supporting parents with both medical and learning difficulties via a quick chat before school and phone calls to other agencies

Policy writer - writing a new calculation policy in line with 2014 curriculum

Dictionary - providing no end of spellings to a couple of children who simply refuse to write a word they cannot spell

Secretary - typing up and emailing to Governors the said calculation policy

Tutor - delivering a booster lesson to a small  group of 'off track' children

Arbitrator - helping two children solve their differences

Planner - planning lessons (or was meant to but ran out of time) for next week

Playground supervisor - supervising over 90 pupils during break time

Play leader - playing and suggesting games on the playground

Police Officer - policing a class of 34 pupils so that they are able to learn

Its no wonder really that I go home at the end of the day pleading with my family not to speak to me for at least half an hour to allow me time to regroup!!

But do you know what? I wouldn't change it really!