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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Parents Evening

For the next two nights I have parents evening. Tonight I have completed parents evening part 1 and with a class of 34 children that meant 17 appointments back to back! 

In order to ensure everyone has a slot the parents are allotted 10 minutes each. This means one of two things: 

Firstly you are doomed to get behind because inevitably there is a lot more that needs to be discussed about some pupils than others ranging from IEPs to behaviour, lack of homework etc. 

Secondly some parents arrive late because they have been to another teacher about another child and that teacher had got behind. A domino effect ensues. 

My first appointment was 3.30 and the last should have been 6.20. I am really pleased with myself because my last appointment actually came in at 6.35 so not bad at all. 

It is nice to meet parents because although you meet one parent regularly, usually the one who does the school run, it is rare to have met both parents. It is also fun to see which parent a child looks like the most, lots of Mini Me's. 

Parents evening can be stressful too, I'm sure we've all met those difficult parents. We are really lucky in our school though as the TAs support teachers on Parents Evening and that is a great help. My wonderful TA helped keep me on track with timings and took over talk occasionally about reading books, times tables etc therefore giving my voice a rest. 

Roll on Friday when not only will Parents Evening be finished but it is also half term!! Bring it on!