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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Boxing Clever part 2

I blogged earlier in the week about my experience of using Alan Peat's' Boxing Clever' with my year 2 class (Step 1).
We used 5 Katie Morag stories together as a class and then in groups we decided  what would go into each of the 8 boxes.

Today came (Step 2).
The children were set the task of producing their own Katie Morag book based upon their favourite story. 
They were put into groups based upon the book which they had chosen, then within that group recapped the story and placed 8 post it notes on the relevant pages as guide of what to draw and write in their own re telling.

My long suffering T.A. has spent two days drawing lines into home made books complete with 8 pages for the 8 boxes! But it has been well worth it because they are so excited at the prospect of having their own complete book. We have even got a brand new class set of felt tip pens which I think I am even more excited about than them!

After being put into groups and having sorted post it notes etc I then set the scene of what they needed to write on each of the pages. 

This began with me identifying a checklist of punctuation, conjunctions and vocabulary that they should try to add into their writing. They were also given a word bank and their own word books to support spellings. 

Next I modelled writing one of the pages using the Visualiser to show the whole class. Then they set off writing for about 15 minutes, this was then followed with a mini plenary or as we call it a 'pit stop'. I then chose a name from the llolly sticks and that child placed their work under the Visualiser to share what they had done with the rest of the class. 

Sharing work and giving feedback is a relatively new skill to year 2 but I am proud to say it is going really well and they are getting quite good at saying what is good and what needs to be improved when looking at each other's work. 

This was followed by another 10 minutes writing. Clearly they have a fair bit to do to finish the writing and draw and colour pictures with our brand new felt tip pens but so far so good.