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Friday, 30 August 2013

Once a teacher always a teacher!

Yesterday I went shopping for my husbands birthday present. Now it is quite a treat to be let loose shopping on my own. Don't get me wrong I  love shopping with my husband because he too actually likes shopping, however when I get to go alone I can quite freely become a 'teacher shopper.'

Now those other teachers out there will know exactly what I mean. You see, as a teacher, everything around us, be it in the woods, at the beach, in the cinema, at the theatre, on a boat trip or yes even out shopping has us thinking 'Ooh now what could I use that for in class' or 'I know that's going to come in useful for my next topic.'

So there I was, all alone like a 'teaching ninja' stalking my way around the 99p store in search of those elusive things I just know I need in my class and no husband looking at me with those 'Come on are you sure you need that?' eyes. It was bliss! So what did I buy?, What things could my class not do without?

My 'teacher' purchases included:

A set of 6 mini plastic containers with lids - great for stopping the dice rollling around on the floor
(A Pinterest tip)

A book of 'Well done, Good job etc' stickers - You can never have too many of those now can you?

A microfibre cloth and some washing up liquid - For all manner of things from cleaning up after messy play (so keeping the caretaker on side) to tracing spellings in the washing up liquid on a tray for handwriting and spelling (Yet another Pinterest tip)

One of those hanging twister things that you hang up in a tree - for our 'down in the woods' topic. It will look great in the gorgeous tree outside myclassroom window

Several packs of playing cards - Great for a whole spectrum of  maths games

Thats all for yesterdays trip I think. Ha nearly forgot, the presents for my long suffering 'spouse of a teacher' husband. Which I hasten to add where not purchased in the 99p store honest!