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Saturday, 19 December 2015

A tough term so what next?

Boy it's been a tough term! New curriculum, new methods of assessment, new Ofsted framework....
Yet still I love teaching. These are some of my own tips on how to survive the madness that is the education system under the tories.

Love teaching but don't let it define you - remember ultimately it is a job, a job you do to live not a job you live for.

Trust your own instincts - teaching is a job everyone has an opinion about. Just remain true to yourself, your pupils, your setting and your teaching style. Any other way leads to confusion and possible madness. 

Surround yourself with people who share your philosophy on education and avoid the sappers and moaners. Yes it's tough this teaching malarkey but boy it's worth it. Have a moan, a rant and a vent when the going gets tough but then dust yourself off and get back on the metophorical bike and lose yourself in teaching. Our pupils remain the perfect forget all. Who can remain down when faced with your pupils, your school family?

Collaborate with professionals in your school and cluster schools. Sharing knowledge and good practice can only improve things for everyone. 

Take your CPD seriously you deserve the best so seek it out. One great source of CPD is Twiter so set up a professional Twitter account it is full of fellow professionals, articles, blogs, resources and pearls of wisdom but do take care it can drag you down. Read my 'Plea to professional tweeters' blog for some further advice.

Have a go at blogging it is such a good way of reflecting on your teaching, advising others and sharing your views. It can be as detailed or simple as you choose. Remain professional but dont let the blogger snobs tell you how to do it just blog!

Throw open your door and like the old saying 'dance like no one is watching' but this time 'teach like no one is watching.' Teach from your gut and not from a three page lesson plan. Be honest, open and true. Don't be afraid to be observed, be confident in your craft. Let others observe you and you go and observe others you never know you may learn something new. Fear of observation has been brought about by bad management and obviously by Ofsteds continual moving of the goal posts. Take back control of your teaching and throw caution to the wind. You do a good job day after day so when observed do what you do, be confident in your abilities. I can guarantee being observed by your peers and observing your peers will help you realise that actually you are 'good' at this teaching thing. Remember it's the learning that counts not you on a unicycle juggling whilst wearing a red nose. 

Good luck and keep fighting the good fight! Only two terms to go ...