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Sunday, 15 November 2015

It's Not Rocket Science

Teaching is a profession that is always in the spotlight. Everyone has an opinion about teaching and how it should be done. There are endless studies into teaching and learning and it is a constant political football kicked from party to party. 

This, I believe, has resulted in the belief that teaching is hard. Well I will let you into a secret, it isn't!

As the title of the blog says it isn't rocket science in fact to thousands and thousands of teachers teaching is simple and as natural as breathing. 

This isn't I grant you the same for all teachers but like all professions there are those that quite simply shouldn't have gone into it at all. 

Teaching is instinctive it flows and gets easier when teacher and pupil have a relationship based on trust. 

It is a wonderful job . What could be better than facilitating learning, passing on knowledge and igniting an excitement for learning! 

It's not the teaching that's the problem it's the baggage that goes with it, the incessant interference, the row after row of those that think they know better than the teacher how to teach their pupils. 

So here is my plea to teachers all around the world. Teach! Keep it simple, let it flow, be you!

And to the 'experts' and the politicians I say leave teachers to do what they do best, trust them and turn your attention to the things that need attention such as social deprivation, human rights ...