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Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Road to Outstanding Parts 1-4


It would be fair to say that I am not a fan of Ofsted. I don't think many people in education are, from education authorities to SLTs you would be hard pushed to find advocates of Ofsted. It would be fair to say though it is those on the chalk face who dislike and distrust them the most.

So why did I produce a series blogpost supporting that very body? The answer to this is two fold, firstly I was fortunate to attend an excellent conference at the Early Excellence Cebtre in Huddersfied from where lots of the information comes. And secondly and sadly Ofsted are here to stay it seems so whilst they are to remain all of those in education have to play the Ofsted game and dance the Ofsted jig. 

In addition I am passionate about teaching! It is and has been my vocation for nearly 17 years and lots of the suggestions in my blogpost may help teachers to improve their performance or at the very least reflect upon it. 

So if Ofsted are looming or you and your fellow members of staff need a reminder about what is required under the new Ofsted framework then hopefully these posts will help.

Good luck and keep the faith!

Part 1 Know Your Cohort -

Part 2  The Learning Environment -

Part 3  Behaviour for Learning -

Part 4  Teaching and Learning-

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