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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Boxing Clever part 4 The Finished Pieces!

As part our topic on Katie Morag the children in my year 2 class were set the task of writing their own version of their favourite Katie Morag story. To help them with this process we used the 8 boxes from Alan Peat's Boxing Clever. (See blog posts Boxing Clever Parts 1, 2, and 3).

The finished pieces of writing have astounded me! All of the children, including those who are usually reluctant writers, have written 8 pages of a story in the correct sequence and with lots of detail and their handwriting and illustrations are beautiful.

Their story is presented as a book with:

 A front cover which includes the name of the author and illustrator

A blurb to hook potential readers in

Followed by 8 pages which match the 8 Boxing Clever Boxes


 Where next?


What goes wrong?

Who helps?

Where last?


On Thursday (World Book Day) the children will read their books to the children in F2 and Year 1. Then the books will go into the school library for other classes to look at before being sent home at the end of term. Boxing Clever has improved the children's story writing and they are understandably really proud of themselves.

I would recommend using Boxing Clever with pupils in KS1 as a way of teaching the linear nature of story telling but also for any pupils in KS2 who struggle with story structure.