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Friday, 18 October 2013

Mad Maths Day

Today was Mad Maths Day at our school. As maths co-ordinator I had orgainsed the day with the intention of showing the children who do not particularly enjoy maths that maths can be not only useful but also great fun. Those children who love maths would obviously thoroughly enjoy the day anyway.

I  had planned it before the summer holidays thankfully, which meant I could just look forward to the day along with the rest of the staff. Each class was given a set of suggested activities including murder mystery maths, maths in art, outdoor maths, code breaking etc. However, the staff were free to come up with their own ideas too.

The day appears to have been a great success, judging by the feedback from pupils and staff. There was a real buzz around the school which was a real welcome on the last day of half term. In line with my own personal vow for the year I feel it really brought the joy back into my class and hopefully into some other classes too.

In year 2 we have made 2d monsters, played maths games on, made 2d shapes in groups of 4 - 6 with our bodies and finally became code breakers writing a secret code to our adult at home with the help of our year 6s. Obviously I am EXHAUSTED!!!! But I have to say probably the happiest I have been all half term and that's not just because half term beckons.

As a previous KS2 teacher I have to say I have a new found respect for KS1 staff. They never and I mean never sit down!! They, or should I now say we, hear our name at least 75 times a day, are constantly covered in paint, glue and snot! My head echoes with Mrs Kenny, Mrs Kenny all day long. Don't get me wrong KS1 does have its benefits I'm just too exhausted to remember what they are!